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08:43pm 14/10/2003
mood: annoyed
so i joined this community because jenny told me it was cool. but no one has updated in it since like...march. but i like the picture. if i was a nun, i'd end up looking like that, then i'd throw myself off a building. oh wait...i was going to do that anyway, after this weekend.
03:39pm 04/03/2003
  whoever stole jenny's jacket better fess up.
i already asked about your ass on the school cameras.
you are caught fucker.
hand it over or prepare to die.
no one messes with jenny.
found out found out found out ......i found out 
06:27pm 03/03/2003
mood: hyper
amy and i rule!
we are the only true o_a_k[ers].
05:14pm 07/02/2003
mood: devious
there is a list for you fuckers.
and whenever amy and i team up we are unstopable!
so beware.
my lip gloss makes you crazy 
07:42pm 30/01/2003
mood: curious
does anyone care if i take the code from this journal?

and also:
hahahaha the infamos 'anonymous boy' from the last post's name is chris.
his IM name is zxdudegtr.

why does no one else post in this?
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07:10am 23/01/2003
mood: nerdy
ok....a LJ community made to kick people's asses who talk shit anonymously, and yet several comments left anonymously on our FIRST post!!! woah!!!

1. james is not the president. hahah
2. poor mike hill needs to read this and regulate or we will have to back him up.
3. and anonymous poster sucks.....we have IP. we will stalk you and take you down.
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we will kill you!!!!   
01:20pm 22/01/2003
mood: infuriated
this is the newest toughtest LJ community. we are OAK, and we will kick your online ass!! we are here to regulate on you punks who want to talk trash on the internet. so watch your back.........
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